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Lunar QuickMap

ACT-REACT-QuickMap™ provides an easy-to-use yet powerful web interface for map related products. Designed with the end-user in mind, QuickMap offers seamless access to numeric data layers, without the tedium of handling file format details and data ingestion and archive structures.

It leverages on ACT's PIPE architecture, for capabilities of data ingestion, publishing and analysis (which has been proven over many NASA/NOAA/DoD Missions).

For NASA satellite missions, and when used in conjunction with PIPE/MSHELL, it provides mission progress monitoring in the form of:

  • Global and regional mosaics as the result of specific data collection campaigns
  • Digital Elevation Models & Satellite position (SPICE kernels)  & automatic tracking of present position
  • Instrument coverage views (where observations have taken place)
  • Location overlays: nomenclature, recent feature images, sites of interest, ...
  • Special products, e.g. master target collection status and master target mosaics
  • Ability to validate products and fuse data across missions and across servers

For commercial applications it can be used by aerial remote sensing service providers that fly sensors in either planes or drones supporting specific customer needs.

QuickMap has similarities to other data viewers,  but it differs by exposing functionality such as:

  • Rapid data ingestion allowing to incorporate new data
  • Interactive visualization of numeric data layers (most layers in QuickMap are geophysical parameters)
  • Extraction of numeric data along a point, path, or polygon
  • Support layer-based algebraic expression
  • Extraction of cartographic sub-cube with all geophysical parameters of interest
  • Loading of user-supplied data:  GeoTiff/GeoJson/ …
  • Supports both stacked map and grid views of layers (with active synchronization)
  • Advanced search/display of LROC/NAC images, e.g. NACs at POI matching TOI conditions
  • Synthetic Lunar Image Modeling capabilities, based on QuickMap TerrainShadows 2D & 3D
  • Dynamic aggregation, e.g. best TerraiHeight info is assembled from regional and global topo models
  • End-user can create interactive 3D flyby or simulate its own traverse (with terrain shows over time)

Mission Proven - QuickMap directly supports the NASA LRO/LROC, MRO/CRISM, MESSENGER missions.  The Science Team members can have immediate access to all data for early analysis and cross validation.  The Public has access to all products already delivered to the NASA/PDS by the active missions.

Public Quickmaps

Lunar QuickMap

In collaboration with the LRO/LROC team, this Lunar map features over 1.2 Petabytes of LROC data alone. Explore Wide Angle Camera global mosaics and Narrow Angle Camera observations. Get to know the terrain with a variety of global and regional terrain products - LOLA, SLDEM2015, NAC DTMs. Also featuring data from  Clementine, Chandrayaan-1, and Kaguya.


Mercury QuickMap

Explore Mercury like never before with over 1TB of products. In support of the MESSENGER mission the system  provides easy access to MDIS global and regional mosaics, rapid access to MDIS, MASCS/VIRS spectra, terrain elevation models, observation footprints, and more.


Mars QuickMap

In collaboration with the MRO/CRISM team, this active Mars mission has delivered over 92 Terabytes of data. Browse CRISM's global multispectral products or it's over 4700 High Resolution target image browse products.


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