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Planetary Information Processing Environment (PIPE)

PIPE™ (Planetary Information Processing Environment) is a network-centric geospatial data processing, management and analysis server optimized for solar system exploration missions. PIPE™, a specialized version of WIPE™, enables the creation and maintenance of robust planetary data portals. PIPE™ includes WIPE™ features plus additional components designed specifically for solar system missions. Additional PIPE™ features include:

  • Telemetry data ingestion – PIPE™ ingests, processes, manages, and archives raw telemetry data from sensors in addition to image data. PIPE™ supports CCSDS and mission specific formats.
  • Planetary Data System (PDS) Archive generation – automatic generation of NASA PDS archives.
  • Experimental Data Record (EDR) search engine – PIPE™ provides a robust multi-dimensional web-based search interface for interrogating mission data and displaying image results in a browser.
  • Mission Customization – The ACT team works directly with mission managers, operations, and research teams to customize PIPE™ to address unique mission requirements.
  • MSHELL™ – PIPE™ is powered by the ACT image processing engine and architecture. PIPE™ can be installed on a single machine or individual server components can be distributed over multiple servers for high-availability and high performance scenarios.


Key Benefits

  • Enables mission managers, researchers and administrators to focus resources on advancing research by automating key sensor data management tasks.
  • PIPE™ – provides support throughout and beyond the mission lifecycle -- from sensor testing and calibration through the collection and analysis steps, to post mission archival and science.
  • PIPE™ empowers sharing and reuse within and across missions -- providing the infrastructure for collaboration and improving research results and the speed of the research process.
  • ACT’s MSHELL™ architecture enables researchers to develop and test automated scripts in ACT-REACT™ and port them to WIPE/PIPE servers for automatic remote execution.  The architecture enables mission managers and researchers to maximize system, network and human resources – this architectural flexibility is unique and unmatched in the industry.

System Requirements


  • Dedicated Linux system(s)
  • Hard disk requirement depends on the data ingestion and serving needs. Note: A high-end PIPE™ system can consist of a network of PIPE™ servers with PBytes archive storage capabilities.


  • The minimum hardware requirement on the client side is any computer with a modern Internet browser.
  • ACT-REACT – in addition to browser access, customers can leverage the ACT-REACT™ client to connect to PIPE™ severs. ACT’s fusion workbench integrates seamlessly with one or multiple WIPE™ servers -- incorporating numerous time saving, data location and analytic enhancements.

What Customer Say
“PIPE is a mission ready system. It has a rich feature set and was tailored to meet our unique data format and high availability requirements.”

What Customer Say
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