REACT Release - v410

April 18, 2023

In the last year we have continued developing the integration between ACT-REACT and ACT-Quickmap by creating a tool that goes towards the perfect combination between the power of data manipulation given by ACT-REACT and the richness of imagery and scientific data collection available in ACT-Quickmap. In this new version, ACT-REACT comes with updated Multi-Layers Tree Panels with a lot of new layers coming directly from ACT-Quickmap imagery collection. It also has a native support to Quickmap layers through a dedicated panel.

As for the previous releases, this new version of ACT-REACT includes significant improvements to our proprietary MSHELL scripting language in terms of new syntaxes available, enhanced third-party libraries bindings and bugfixes. The following is a complete and detailed list of what's new in ACT-REACT v410.


  • feature: added the ability to rencenter the view on the point of interest without changing the center of the map projection
  • feature: enhanced lat long grid allowing to use 'auto' for better grid spacing
  • feature: added new Cartographic Viewer custom menu specific for target items
  • feature: added 'run all' and 'run selected' in the Scripts Tree Browser
  • feature: QuickMap layer native support
  • feature: ability to change Scripts Tree Browser scripts tree directory
  • feature: added option to free all variables before running demo code
  • feature: ability to open a script in Script Tools from the Script Tree Browser tool
  • feature: in Scripts Tree Browser tool, enabled MSHELL syntax highlighting in the editor that shows the script content
  • feature: added new Scripts Tree Browser window
  • change: enhanced Cartographic Viewer pan/zoom preview
  • change: updated application icon to include higher resolution icons


  • feature: updated Qt library to version 5.15.9
  • feature: added 'gdal_open_overview' command to open a raster file with GDAL using a specific overview level
  • feature: updated Qwt library to version 6.2.0
  • feature: added M_variables_count to keep track of the number of ARRAY/STRING/TIME variables allocated
  • feature: added binding to SPICE routines 'recazl' and 'azlrec'
  • feature: updated CSPICE library to version N0067
  • feature: improved 'show msystem' command that is now displaying the full set of system variables grouped by categories
  • feature: added 'print_result' command
  • change: added limit to the maximum number of GDAL opened handlers
  • change: addeded optional parameter to BulletPhysics intercept command to avoid filtering out interceptions with back of faces
  • change: 'a( groi|bands ) = b' syntax now handles NULL case
  • change: increased max number of variables allowed from 1024 to 4096