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WWW Information Processing Environment (WIPE)

WIPE™ is a mature network-centric geospatial data processing, management and analysis server for Earth observing sensors.  WIPE integrates earth and space based sensor data with ancillary data such as global and regional meteorological and oceanographic numerical models. WIPE™ automatically pre-processes, geo-references and prepares the data for research and operations consumption. WIPE™ also fully manages the collection, warehousing, archival and dissemination of geospatial data and leverages MSHELL™ to automate analysis tasks, generate research products and send alerts. WIPE integrates seamlessly with ACT-REACT™ enabling researchers to effortlessly fuse data from multiple sources, reuse prior analytical products and discover new insights.

  • GEO Spatial Data Management – a high volume server for automating the processing and assimilation of sensor and geospatial data including: data ingestion, geo referencing, distribution, fusion, mission specific custom transformations, mosaic generation, storage management, distribution, and archival.
  • Anywhere Access to GEO Spatial data – provides researchers, operations teams, decision makers and end users browser/html and API-based access to volumes of data and visualization capabilities. In addition to web-based access WIPE integrates with GIS applications, Google Earth and a multitude of other software tools.
  • Image Visualization Engine – the engine serves images, image mosaics, 2d/3d plots and video clips to a browser.
  • Analysis Automation – a built-in script processing engine and scheduler enables WIPE™ to automatically analyze static and dynamic geospatial datasets and generate near-real-time results.
  • Reporting, Publishing and Alerting – enabling the automatic generation of multi-format reports and alerts (e.g., email)
  • Repository – in addition to managing and storing raw sensor data, WIPE™ is a network-based repository for analysis data, research products, reports and alerts.
  • Interoperability – support for metadata standards such as FGDC, numerous data access methods (e.g, HTTP, XML, OGC/WCS, KML, FTP, JAVA, etc), over 150 data streams, over 60 raster data formats through the open source Geospatial Data Abstraction Library (GDAL), and the ability to build custom data format readers.
  • MSHELL™ WIPE™ is powered by the ACT image processing engine and architecture.  WIPE™ can be installed on a single machine or individual server components can be distributed over multiple servers for high-availability and high performance scenarios.


Key Benefits

  • Since WIPE™ is a mature, mission proven system with built-in automation, scalability, performance, and error handling features, it enables researchers, mission managers, and administrators to focus resources on advancing research -- not mired in necessary, but low-level repetitive tasks.
  • The automated analysis and alerting capability enables real-time generation and dissemination of critical new information and analytical results.
  • WIPE™ empowers sharing and reuse within and across missions -- providing the infrastructure for collaboration and improving research results and the speed of the research process.
  • WIPE’s multi-faceted standards support speeds implementation, improves integration, and ensures organizations can make the most out of current and future investments.
  • ACT’s MSHELL™ architecture enables researchers to develop and test automated scripts in ACT-REACT™ and port them to WIPE™/PIPE™ servers for automatic remote execution.  The architecture enables mission managers and researchers to maximize system, network and human resources – this architectural flexibility is unique and unmatched in the industry.

System Requirements


  • Dedicated Linux server(s)
  • Hard disk requirement depends on the data ingestion and serving needs. Note: A high-end WIPE™ system can consist of a network of WIPE™ servers with PBytes archive storage capabilities.


  • The minimum hardware requirement on the client side is any computer with a modern Internet browser.
  • ACT-REACT – in addition to browser access, customers can leverage the ACT-REACT™ client to connect to WIPE™ severs. ACT’s fusion workbench integrates seamlessly with one or multiple WIPE™ servers -- incorporating numerous time saving, data location and analytic enhancements.

What Customer Say
“WIPE helped us automate important data management tasks and provided an easy way to automate analysis tasks and send timely alerts and bulletins.”

What Customer Say
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