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WIPE™ - WWW Information Processing Environment

WIPE™ is a network-centric geospatial data processing, management and analysis server for Earth observing sensors. WIPE™ supports multiple user interface options including thin clients such as HTML and JAVA, and thick clients such as ACT-REACT™. Custom applications can link to WIPE™ via multiple protocols and APIs.

WIPE™ interface resources and samples:

  • WIPE's native XML schema, providing a very rich request syntax
  • OGC2WIPE allows WIPE™ to serve data as compliant OGC/WCS server (via ogc2wipe)
  • KML2WIPE allows WIPE™ to serve static/dynamic data to Google Earth Clients
    • Example KML file that access most recent cloud imagery (GOES-EAST-IR) + ...
      note: this example requires that Google Earth is pre-installed
  • Graphical User Interfaces
    • ACT QuickMap - fast map-tiling access using OpenLayers and AJAX (see Lunar Browser example)
    • Customizable HTML form interface
    • WIPE's JAVA Applet - provides extensive data interactivity over the network
    • ACT-REACT™ providing client application interactive access to data from local file system or WIPE™
      Server or OGC/WCS server


What Customer Say
“WIPE helped us automate important data management tasks and provided an easy way to automate analysis tasks and send timely alerts and bulletins.”

What Customer Say
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