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With a full range of solutions designed to maximize large sensor deployment investments, ACT solutions ensure organizations achieve results. ACT’s innovative approach addresses the entire sensor and geospatial data processing, management and analysis lifecycle. The bottom line is that ACT can help your organization effectively manage the process from sensor data collection, image analysis and visualization to publishing and sharing scientific and analytic results.

 Space & Planetary Mission Support

With software, services and expertise developed to meet rigorous planetary research demands, ACT has supported some of the most important planetary science since early 1990's. Our team has been an integral part of several science operations centers (SOC) teams - providing management and support. Our software and technology architecture has been used to: ingest, process and manage numerous sensor data streams; create lower level and higher level products and NASA PDS archives; provide collaborative mission planning and targeting; enable mission/sensor progress monitoring, and facilitate sensor data visualization and analytics. <Case Study>

 Earth and Environmental Science

ACT combines software and expertise to automate earth observing data capture, processing, analysis and reporting.  Leveraging its software portfolio and significant experience base, ACT implements solutions within and across multiple agencies and helps provide groundbreaking scientific and decision support results. <Case Study>

 Military and National Security

The need for rapid, reliable and accurate analysis of image and other sensor data for military and intelligence purposes has never been higher and ACT has the deep expertise and past performance to guarantee results. ACT solutions ensure analysts and planners are able to wade through mountains of disparate image and sensor data and quickly draw conclusions.

ACT software is reliable, resilient and customizable, enabling organizations to meet critical geospatial image and sensor data processing demands. ACT M&I solutions can also provide automated conditional alerting – ensuring those who need to know are apprised of new or changing situations in seconds.


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“ACT combined scientific knowledge and architectural know how to provide us a solution that really fit our needs. ACT was always there when we needed them.”

What Customer Say
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