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Services ACT expert services ensure custemers achieve mission goals

ServicesFor three decades ACT has supported demanding planetary and earth sensing satellite missions -- winning awards along the way.  ACT experts provide the strategic guidance and hands-on tactical expertise you need to make your mission a success.

ACT takes pride in implementing cost effective methods to rapidly process large volumes of image and other sensor data and tools enabling the rapid fusion of sensor and model data to enhance science, operations, and decision support endeavors.

Mission/Program/Project Support

ACT collaberates with science and operations teams; providing an array of planning, architecture, operations and management services with a highly qualified team of experts. Our front-end image processing support includes such essentials as quick look analysis, long-term archival of data, in-flight calibration, integration of image-processing centers and real time access to the data over the WWW.  ACT also provides data archive services (e.g., PDS Archive generation).

24x7 Hosting and Image Processing

ACT offers a fully managed, around-the-clock data and image processing service utilizing the ACT processing center.  This service can be the primary data and image processing center or serve as backup or secondary data access and archival site -- easing the burden on mission critical servers and ensuring timely, continuous access to data and research results.  ACT maintains a network of servers running WIPE™, PIPE™ and other image and data management systems.    Past and current customers include: NASA's Stardust, DeepImpact, FAME, Clementine, MRO/CRISM, and Moon Mineralogy Mapper (M3) programs.

Product Implementation & Customization

ACT provides a full complement of services designed to ensure its software is installed and configured for optimal performance.  ACT can also customize its software to meet unique mission or program requirements.

Throughout its three decades in business, ACT has maintained the highest levels of customer service and received awards for its insight, expertise and commitment to quality.  ACT’s past performance


What Customer Say
“ACT combined scientific knowledge and architectural know how to provide us a solution that really fit our needs. ACT was always there when we needed them.”

What Customer Say
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