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ACT addresses the complete lifecycle of geospatial analytics with an integrated software suite.  The ACT architecture incorporates more than thirty years of research and development into a comprehensive suite that has been proven in numerous demanding environments and critical missions. ACT products support an array of users from ground data systems to Earth and planetary scientists and users in decision support and operational roles who need to access, fuse, visualize and analyze geospatial data.
In general: ACT's Desktop SW = REACT/ProVIEW/MSHELL , ACT's Cloud SW = WIPE/PIPE, ACT's WebApp SW = QuickMap.

ACT Suite: Complete geospatial
analysis life-cycle coverage


Core to each product is the robust MSHELL™ engine and ACT’s network-centric architecture. This superior design provides customers unmatched flexibility to maximize computing, network, and research resources. Learn more about MSHELL™ and the ACT architecture.


ACT-REACT™ is a powerful analytic workbench and fusion center for geospatial data analysis. The software combines robust data access and transformation capabilities with multi-layer analysis, visualization, and results publishing. The workbench includes a complete development environment enabling virtually limitless analytics and complex work-flows. ACT-REACT™, is powered by the MSHELL™ engine, integrated with WIPE™ and PIPE™ and supports numerous industry standards.


WIPE™ is a network-centric geospatial data processing, management and analysis server for Earth observing sensors. WIPE™ integrates Earth and space based sensor data with ancillary data such as global and regional meteorlogical and oceanographic numerical models and automatically pre-processes, geo-references and prepares the data for analysis. WIPE™ also fully manages the collection, warehousing, archival and dissemination of geospatial data and leverages MSHELL™ to automate analysis tasks, generate research products and send alerts. WIPE integrates seamlessly with ACT-REACT™ enabling researchers to effortlessly fuse data from multiple sources, reuse prior analytical products and discover new insights.


PIPE™ is a specialized version of WIPE™ optimized for solar system exploration missions and customized to specific mission data and operational requirements.


What Customer Say
“ACT software improved our ability to study and visualize our data. We were able to easily incorporate numerous disparate data sources into our analysis and the tool made it easy to share research and leverage other research products.”

What Customer Say
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