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MSHELL™ Features

The MSHELL™ engine is at the core of all ACT products and provides powerful processing, visualization and analysis capabilities:

  • Algebraic and matrix operations with a mathematically intuitive syntax.
  • Powerful MACRO scripting language with support for relational operators and flow control.
  • Floating point and double precision image processing computations for high accuracy, and support for both complex and real numbers.
  • Over 300 operators such as FFT, convolution, edge detection, etc.
  • Geometric operations enabling the resizing and rotation of images using unequal horizontal and vertical scaling.
  • Plug-in modules that provide for projection of satellite images into a map, and conversion of geographic coordinates to cartographic coordinates.
  • Data Base connectivity via ODBC and XML parsing support.
  • Contrast processing such as linear stretching and intensity range remapping.
  • Capability for each image to have its own pseudo color look-up tables with as many colors as the hardware permits.
  • Flexible displays of multiple images, plots, and scripts. Interactive 2D, 3D, and contour plots. OpenGL support.
  • Support for multiple image formats.
  • ASCII, 8bits/pix, floating point, and key industry standard formats such as TIFF, JPEG, BMP, FITS, PGM, PPM, GIF, and PDS.
  • Optimum use of full dynamic range of display hardware through optional automatic adjustment of pixel values
    prior to display.
  • Support for text attributes that are attached to an image (i.e. text attributes can be used to store both an image header and/or processing instructions to be applied to an image).
  • Ability to call DLL functions.
  • Ability to have virtual image variables which can be as large as your collective disk space (the user can read and write to selective regions of interest in a very intuitive manner).
  • Easy access to hyperspectral data.
  • Ability to generate GIF video sequences within the interpreter, ideal for HTML browsers.


What Customer Say
"We had a number of network challenges and needed to support users across diverse locations. The ACT architecture was flexible enough to meet our difficult requirements."

What Customer Say
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