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ACT-REACT™ – Fusion Center Workbench components

ACT-REACT™ (Rapid Environmental Assessment Composition Tools) is a cutting-edge analytic and fusion center workbench for geospatial analysis and decision support that can drastically enhance productivity. Key components include:

  • Network Centric Geospatial Data Access -- easy access to multiple local and remote data sets, servers and formats is combined with powerful data transformation features and the ability for users to perform coincidental data analysis. Access to numerous data formats through the open source Geospatial Data Abstraction Library (GDAL) is included.
  • Geospatial Analytic Environment – a powerful multi-layer analysis and fine grain cartographic viewer capability is supported by the comprehensive MSHELL™ scripting language and its robust function library.
  • Results Publishing – users can work with a large array of output format options and alert and report capabilities.
  • Work Flow – Users can easily create and save simple or complex work flows that enable multi-layered data analysis and visualization, virtual product generation, conditional alerting and publishing. The work-flow engine provides access to a robust function library and numerous data sources (e.g., FTP, WWW, OGC servers, OPeNDAP, WIPE™/PIPE™).
  • Integration – Collaboration and reuse is enhanced by enabling users to easily publish data and results to WIPE™/PIPE™ and other servers. Work flows created and tested in ACT-REACT™ can also be run on WIPE™/PIPE™ servers or shared with other ACT-REACT™ nodes.
  • MSHELL™ – is the core processing engine powering ACT-REACT™.


Note: Users interested in simple web based access to map related products can consider using the
ACT-REACT™-QuickMap   tool which works with the key standard web browsers.  


Key Benefits

    ACT-REACT™ Fusion Center Workbench
    ACT-REACT™ – Fusion Center Workbench screen shot
  • With easy access to large volumes of network and local data, users can employ coincidental data analysis to quickly determine the best information to work with.
  • Researchers are able to focus on analytics rather than time consuming data location, interrogation, scrubbing and testing tasks.
  • ACT-REACT™ significantly reduces the time required to generate products and new insights from geospatial data. The analytic environment enables researchers to leverage a large library of pre defined and user-defined functions to one or many geospatial datasets (layers) and rapidly render results in a fine grain cartographic viewer.
  • The work-flow, development environment, scripting language and script library enables automation of key analytic, publishing and alerting tasks and enables researchers to reuse existing code, scripts and functions.
  • Integration with WIPE™ and PIPE™ enables users to quickly locate critical geospatial datasets and easily share findings and results with the entire scientific community.
  • ACT's strong commitment to industry standards and to developing extensible products enables users to maximize current and future investments.
  • ACT’s MSHELL™ architecture enables researchers to develop and test complex automation in ACT-REACT™ and port them to WIPE™/PIPE™ servers for remote execution. The unique flexibility of the ACT architecture is unmatched in the industry.

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System Requirements

  • ACT-REACT™ runs on the Windows, Linux, Mac OS X platforms.
  • 100 Megabytes of available disk space.
  • Minimum of 1 GB of RAM -- more memory will enable the software to handle larger images.
  • Internet connection for network centric data access.
  • High resolution video graphics adapter card -- image resolution and the number of brightness levels (gray levels) displayed depend on the video graphics card and monitor used.

What Customer Say
“ACT-REACT™ let our team focus their energy on the main research and analysis tasks. This very powerful tool gave us the ability to integrate with our existing systems, make better use of our own data, access other data sources and generate very high quality products.”

What Customer Say
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