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ACT Architecture Features

Key features of ACT's network-centric architecture and integrated MSHELL™ engine:

  • Seamless access to geospatial data across the WWW.
  • The flexibility to execute computations where appropriate; thus maximizing computing, network and storage resources in a seamless network-centric manner.
  • Rapid/interactive discovery, fusion and distribution of data.
  • Configuration supports single machine implementations or clusters of computers.
  • Comprehensive workflow that can be executed on clients or servers -- providing automation for data ingestion, processing archival, georeferencing, data updates, transformation, function execution, product creation, product publishing, event-based notifications, etc.
  • Flexible WEB based GIS and image processing functionality.
  • Efficient use of available bandwidth.
  • Extensible via user-provided algorithms and applications.
  • Compatibility with existing products, architectures, industry standards and API’s.
  • Reliability and resilience -- products with a proven track record in critical mission environments and built-in monitoring and automated notifications.
  • Support for multiple access methods, protocols and interfaces (e.g., HTTP/CGI, HTTP/XML, Java Applet, CORBA, DEI, OCG (WMS/WCS), FTP, SOAP, KML/Google Earth, etc.).
  • Support for more than 50 data formats through Geospatial Data Abstraction Library (GDAL) and numerous other proprietary formats (note: ACT is a GDAL Silver Sponsor).
  • Significant reuse of geospatial data, research products, work-flows, analytic scripts and functions.


What Customer Say
"We had a number of network challenges and needed to support users across diverse locations. The ACT architecture was flexible enough to meet our difficult requirements."

What Customer Say
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